Quantum Art Generator

visualizing quantum noise through bubble art

Welcome, artists!

This app generates art from a text input by harnessing noise on a quantum computer! 'Noise' in this context refers to how the output of a real quantum computer tends to stray from what you would ideally expect due to how sensitive its components are.

What you see below is the bubble representation of "Live long and prosper" plus a smidgen of quantum noise!

There are two ways you can create your very own quantum bubble art:

As noise levels increase, more bubbles and more colors are introduced. You don't need to understand quantum noise in order to make the art, but if you'd like to learn about what it is and how the artwork is generated, please take a look at: How I Use Quantum Computing to Create Art.

Here's a nifty loading icon we haven't managed to use yet. Ain't it pretty?

For app information, head to the Github repo.

Created by Radha Pyari Sandhir and James Wootton